Creation of the Outdoor Leadership Center

In 2008 the main activity of the association was related to the creation of the Outdoor Leadership Center.  The team of instructors was formed.  From their own money they obtained professional trainings in the field of outdoor education (informal) at Outward Bound Romania ( , ).  In addition, they took basic life support courses (Basic Life Support), also on their own expense.  The process of accumulating the material base of equipment and supplies necessary in the work process of the Center was started.  In parallel, the promotion campaign took place with the editing and dissemination of information brochures, calendars, plus the opening of the website

A significant practice was also accumulated through trainings in Moldova, Romania, Denmark, USA.

A Partnership Declaration was signed with Outward Bound (OB) Romania.  With OB Romania we signed, formulated and implemented several projects in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

The objectives of the projects included:

1) Promoting the values ​​of European integration;

2) Development of the partnership of teams and organizations with the common philosophy and practice on both banks of the Prut River;

3) Absorption in the Republic of Moldova of modern methods and practices of experiential education.

Some of the projects were supported by European Union funds.

The teams participating in the project exchanged experiences.  This included training, practical programs, expeditions through Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

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